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Bernhard Henning
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Bernhard Henning It's great solitaire of old school heavy Metal, with a voice that reminds me on the Peter de Wint from Crossfire. It's a release that in line with the great Belgian Metal bands
Waiting for more! Favorite track: Infiltrator.
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Hunter's debut album collects seven songs that were written with a no-mercy, no-prisoners approach. Hunter songs range from epic, clean fantasy topics to aggressive, venomous calls to war. The theme of each song bleeds through in its lyrics, riffing and solos.

Whether the hunter is a soldier in the first world war, a 19th century serial killer or whether he embodies the mysterious leader of the cult of the Hunter, all songs and lyrics have a beginning, a middle and an end - just like all good stories. They showcase the variety and range of the heavy metal that Hunter creates.

This album was recorded during one cold December weekend in 2018, on an analog Tascam M600 at studio The Rhythm Cage in Kruibeke, Belgium. Recorded and produced by Hunter. Engineered, mixed and mastered by The Rhythm Cage's own Marc Van Mieghem.


released April 27, 2019

All music and lyrics by HUNTER


Vocals - David Walgrave
Guitar - Joost Vlasschaert
Guitar - Thomas Abeel
Bass - Jeroen Wauters
Drums - Dries Deturck


all rights reserved



Hunter Belgium

Hunter represents powerful heavy metal, averse to subgenres and stereotypes.

From their experience and all sorts of influences comes a mighty brew that tastes like Priest, Maiden, Manilla Road, Metal Church, all of the above and none of the above.

A blitzkrieg of pure metal with crushing riffs, screaming lead guitars and solos, a rhythm section like a panzer column and intense power vocals.
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Track Name: Dominion
I'm the son of Lucifer, the light that leads the way
I'll be tried for treason, like my father I will pay
I'm the star that holds the key, open up the pit
Unleash the scorpion locust king
Darkness rise from it

Five months of torment
And death shall have all dominion

I'm the son of Jesus Christ, the rebel of the land
I'll be crowned a king, but on the cross I'll hang
At the final fight I'll cut my name into your hand
Slash your veins and drink your blood
The mark of Cain I bear
Track Name: Infiltrator
A black alley in China town
A flash of blinding light
A visitor from another time
A heavy metal knight

A visor hides red laser eyes
His helmet built for plague
Filtered oxygen supplies
A soldier's mask for judgement day

Acid rain comes falling down
Smudging neon signs of sin
With a forty watt phased plasma gun
I have come to kill the king

Scattered light in darkest night
By reflection betrayed
My rifle's telescopic sight
Exposed my hideaway

My eyes burn like cinders in rain
I'm neon necropolis prey
Track Name: Then Comes The Night
The night falls on the city streets
The fog crawls through my mind
Darkness brings the hunter out
Blood will spill by dawn

A messed up mind and body
A danger to mankind
The knife now firmly in my grip
Prepared for the scene to come

Then comes the night
Now nothing is clear and I am weak
Then comes the night
Now the end is near, I cannot breathe

Madness flows through the veins of London
I'm ready to drink its blood
I will cut and eat her flesh like a ritual to God

No man is fit to judge my deeds
I have no peers
God the only balance that can judge my act

The city casts its pearls before the rats I see
They trample them under their feet
And turn on you and me
Track Name: Underground
Welcome to the golden age of crumbling decay
We're victims of humanity, we feed on judgement day
Our faces staring restless into the dead of night
We're standing, waiting breathless
We're hunters of the mind

Join me in darkness
Corrupting the flesh of the wise
Join me in darkness
Corrupting the mind of mankind

I promise you the freedom of a life of slavery
I speak in tongues deceitful, I'm the serpent you are Eve
Together sinful nation, feel the curse of man
We spit on your creation, deny your masterplan

Join me in darkness
Corrupting the flesh of the wise
Join me in darkness
Corrupting the mind of mankind

Forsaken by the gods
Forgotten by the land
The child is free of sin
And dreams of a better land

Forsaken by the gods
Forgotten by the land
The child rebuilds the world
The world can start again
Track Name: No Man's Land
Forward march, across the wasteland
Forward march, embrace the cold before dawn
Into the unknown
Onward men, scale the fallen
Onward men, inhale the breath of the enemy
And their machine guns

There's no tears in the eyes of the dead
No one can hear their cries
Finding the God you believed you had lost
In the face of a friend
In no man's land

Clear that nest! Kill the infantry!
Stand your ground, for your lords and the ministry, stand!
Will to die for the King!
Sacrifice, for God and Country
Sacrifice, for your mother and sister at home
Your wife and unborn son

There's no tears in the eyes of the dead
No one can hear their cries
Finding the God you believed you had lost
In the face of a friend
In no man's land

Just like vultures these bullets long for flesh
The cold fingers of death reaching up from the trench
Your blood feeds the wasteland, the dragon grows here
In the face of a friend
In no man's land
Track Name: The Knight Of The Black Rose
Whip, crack, bone, snap
From under stone and rock attack
Claw, grab, shovel and grasp
We rise up with muddy mask

From the evil hands of ogres
Our lord saved a priest
From the elven lands and forests
He took her to his keep

His wife was struck by jealousy
The elf the fairest of the world
How on earth could she compete
With a beautiful elven girl

She struck a deal with a witch
She would birth a child
Not in the lord's image or by his seed
But by his soul and mind

Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble
Eye of newt, toe of frog
Wool of bat and tongue of dog

On a cold and rainy morning
Our lord's child was born
In the image of his dark soul
His wife would live no more

He thought his wife had spent the night
With demons or a fiend
That ugly, vile grotesque child
Not what his son could be!

When he found out the witch's spell
He rode off on his horse
And cursed the elf, his keep himself
And cursed with fiendish force
Track Name: Glorious
Glorious, from the fire
Ominous, through the universe
Fight for us, infernal father
In Hell we trust, space and time traverse

Warriors fly from the heavens
Down towards this planet's burning shores
Victorious heavenly soldiers
The angels lead the final war

Come all you sinners
Come and adore him
Singing infectionately
It's time for glory
Despite heaven's fury
We fight for demonic reign

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